Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Back :)

Woohoo! If you noticed that I've been MIA for the last month or so, it's because I have just got home from a holiday in Europe (which was sadly preceded by a one-week episode of flu and fever). It was truly an amazing experience as I got to meet many of my husband's wonderful relatives that did not make it to our wedding in October last year.

Hubby and I at the Triumphal Arch, Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels

It was definitely refreshing to go somewhere new, although to be truly honest Europe was not exactly what I expected--or rather imagined--it to be. For instance, being the celebrated fashion capital of the world, I had this naive picture in my mind that Paris would be all about the pristine, modern and crisp window displays of an endless array of high-end frocks. But it's not.

Also thought that London was just another concrete jungle that boasts dozens of skyscrapers and gadgety-looking offices that sells, well, gadgets. But guess what? It's not. (Note to self: What have I been reading all this while?)

The incessantly-photogenic Eiffel Tower, Paris

Anyway, it was a very, very interesting journey and I am now happy to know that Europe is perhaps one of the most beautiful, artistic and well-preserved places that I've visited.

On board SS Sir Walter Scott, Loch Katrine, Scotland

So still in the spirit of Victorian slash Georgian slash Tudor Revival, I created this antique-looking card, which is topped by a stamped image of a cherub. Yup, definitely not my usual style; if you've seen any of my other cards I won't be surprised that you'd most likely judge my taste as rather muted, whimsy, or shabby.

Well not anymore!

This card was made with dark red textured cardstock, embellished with 3D stamped image of a cute Cherub from Prima Marketing (in crimson red ink). As always, square foam pads are always handy to give a face-lift on any topper and create a 3D feel on them.

I further embellished the topper jute strings (my newly-found puppy love, more on this later) and a brown-colored button. Sentiment stamped on recycled paper on hand-cut tag in crimson red ink, adhered on same cardstock and tied to a 0.48" eyelet hole with jute string.

The background paper is not patterned cardstock; it is actually recycled paper stamped with more Prima Marketing stamps (love these guys for their amazing classic designs).

That's all for today, gotta go to work, but I will be back with a post on my newest, hottest new crush!!