Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back from Hibernation.. and Welcomed by an Award! ^_^

Helllooooo everyone... It sure is great to be back in bloggerland!

It has been exactly four weeks since my last blog post and I really, really miss making cards, but I literally have been lost amongst a sea of boxes at my new house :). I can't believe it had taken me more than three weeks to sort out my work space with the amount of paper scraps and many other bits and bobs, but thankfully it's all done and now I have a bigger study-cum-studio for all my crafting endeavors! Yayyy!

Last week I got a nice, wonderful surprise from fellow blogger-slash-cardmaker Jan R, who has so kindly awarded me with the "Cherry On Top" Award.

Thank you very much for the award, Jan, and also for your kind comments on my blog ^_^!!

This award has some conditions, however, which are:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award... DONE!
2. Add it to your blog... DONE!
3. List 3 things about yourself:
- I have an odd, inexplicable fondness of clothes hangers. I use them to hang anything just about anywhere in my house and I could not resist going to a home appliances shop without buying at least ten new plastic hangers every single time. Oh, and I just HAVE TO hang all of them facing the same direction in the closet. Otherwise, I won't sleep soundly at night.
- In pretty much the same way, I have a strange paranoia for geckos a.k.a house lizards. This goes to the extent where I would not step into a room where I suspect one is present.
- I don't like watching movies at home because I have a very, very short attention span. I can only watch proper films in a cinema because it requires me to SIT DOWN for the entire duration, and when I'm at home, I can only watch a 45-minute TV series at the max.

4. Post your favorite pic:
This is a difficult choice. I guess I'll just have to post two of my recent favorites:

A photo of the Golden Temple I took in Kyoto, Japan

Chocolate-coated strawberries I snapped at a Godiva Chocolatier Shop in Brussels, Belgium

5. Send the award to 5 people-- I think these five following bloggers deserve this "Cherry On Top" Award:

1. Agustina at Made with Love: Agustina's cards are beautiful, but her blog I love even more! It has a pretty wind-chime on the page and it's all pink and lovely :). She also posts other crafts on her blog, not only cards, so it's a plus!
2. Dwita at Crafter's Life: Dwita's cards are cute and fab, and she holds craft courses on making Bookmarks and Washi Dolls too!
3. Addii at Addii: Addii is such a creative cardmaker and she always actively participates in various cardmaking challenges!
4. Monika at Creative with Monika: Monika is an avid stamper and a very, very prolific cardmaker although she's a busy mum of two! Her cards are cute and gorgeous!
5. Ayu at Ayu's Projects: Ayu's cards are very cute, and once in a while Ayu gives away her super cute hand-made digistamps, which I love!

Thanks again for Jan and much love for everyone! Thanks for visiting!

Much love,


Agus :) said...

omg! thanks so much for this super sweet award!! Im really happy of receiving this from you (:
Thanks so much and you are really welcome at my blog :D

Monika Reeck said...

Oh dear many thanks for this award you are really really sweet...I never know you before and I am so proud to get this from you...I hope we can keep contact..are you come from yes...I see your words in Indonesian language :) on my post :) hugs, Monika

Addii said...

Blgodarya your prize, I'm happy that I managed to impress you! Reviewed your blog have a great job, I'll watch with interest!

Dwita said...

Thank you, Feby.. you're so kind giving me this award.. Keep in touch, Feby...

Afayoune said...

I Just read this post..
Thank you Feby.. You are so kind. I'm happy to receive this award ^^

Salam dari Indonesia ;)